About us

I have been a watch enthusiast for quite a while now and am greatly passionate about watches and especially watch straps. I developed my fondness for watches back in the day and have tried quite a great variety of them. I live in Netherlands and I have a large collection of watches and a large number of straps. It is my love for watches that inspired me to set up STRPS, a business that deals in watch straps. My primary objective is to make people fall in love all over again with their watches with the help of our straps. 

STRPS started with Apple Watch straps, at that time finding fine quality and affordable Apple watch straps was a challenge that everyone was facing. I ventured into the industry and provided the ultimate solution to this issue, delivering nothing short of amazing quality NATO watch straps to customers from every corner of the world and providing amazing customer service. When I ventured into the business, I made the straps not only available but also affordable. Ever since I set up the business, I have managed to sell more than 2500 watch straps!

After the start with Apple Watch straps I soon started to sell straps for the classic watch since I am more of a classic watch lover.This resulted in a phenomenal high quality Nato strap (our premium Nato). So if you are a classic watch fan, then you will certainly get some rather remarkable straps from STRPS. While the quality of our straps is unparalleled, we maintain a reasonable price to make them affordable to just about anyone. The stitching of our straps is done in a way that it brings out the beauty of the strap and also keeps it durable. The nylon used is also flawless.

At STRPS, we highly value the quality of our products and are committed to ensuring that we make only the best quality straps available to the customers. It is for this that we first check our straps before adding them to our stores. You can thus rest assured that any strap you get from us will not only be chic and fashionable but will also be able to stand the test of time. And of course we deliver the straps worldwide with almost every strap delivery free.